Zwiffer No Blink App Brings Blink Detection To The iPhone



Have you ever taken a picture with your smartphone only to find that one of your subjects blinked and ruined that perfect moment? Well, Zwiffer is looking to eliminate that problem with its new app for the iPhone, aptly named No Blink. No Blink detects when someone blinks and automatically retakes the photo for you. HTC has their Zoe feature which takes a short video and allows you to stream through the video to find the perfect shot. While the HTC feature is awesome in its own right, No Blink takes it one step further, eliminating the need to scroll through the video to find that one perfect shot. No Blink does require your iPhone to be running the latest iOS7 software for it to be useful.


I know what you are thinking, how does No Blink work? Matthew Knippen, creator of No Blink says, “It works in a very similar way that face detection does. It will then display a clear and simple-to-read blink indicator at the top of the device. Users of the application have been very pleased with how simple it is to use and how well it works.” No Blink takes advantage of some new API’s that are found in the latest iOS7 software, which is why you will not be running this on older software versions. No Blink is available on the Apple App Store today.  Hit the links below for more info.

Website: NoBlink

iTunes App Store: NoBlink 

Last Updated on April 16, 2024.


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