Sherwin-Williams Releases ColorSnap Google Glass App



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Sherwin-Williams becomes the first major consumer brand to launch a Google Glass Application. The application was developed by Resource, one of the largest independent marketing agencies in the country. The app is available for download to your Google Glass but is still in beta and will likely have a few bugs and issues that will need to be ironed out.  Resource has said they will be looking and welcome consumer feedback on their application to improve the experience.


“Resource Lab is a technology accelerator that ideates and fast-tracks breakthrough consumer experiences using the latest digital technologies. We’re enthusiastic about the possibilities that Google Glass gives our clients to connect with consumers in unobtrusive ways,” said Dan Shust, VP of Innovation at Resource. “Wearable technology is the next frontier in mobile computing and ColorSnap Glass and other consumer-focused applications will play a large role in the acceptance and adoption of the new technology.”


“We’re committed to harnessing the latest in technology in order to create superior experiences for our customers,” said Ellen Moreau, VP of Marketing Communications at Sherwin-Williams. “Cutting edge applications like ColorSnap Glass elevate our brand and keep us top of mind with consumers by bringing color inspiration to life in a fun and engaging way.”


“We’re steadfast on breaking new ground that uniquely empowers and inspires consumers, which means we have to make them a part of the conversation,” said Mooney. “Digital innovation is part of our DNA and we’ll continue to be pioneers in the space.”

Although this is not an application I think I would use, it is certainly exciting to see Google Glass application development progressing. Any Google Glass users out there going to install this on their devices? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Sherwin-Williams Glass App


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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