FiLIP Coming To The U.S. Via AT&T



Filip Technologies and AT&T today announced they are bringing FiLIP, a wearable device for the wrist that keeps parents and kids in touch at the push of a button, to the U.S. market in the coming months.  Under an agreement with Filip Technologies, AT&T is the exclusive network provider for FiLIP and will provide distribution and billing services for the product. FiLIP focuses only on the features that parents want – location, voice calling, and direct messaging to their child. The parent remains in control at all times through an app on their smartphone, including the designation of five trusted contacts with whom the child can communicate. FiLIP also allows parents to set Safe Zones, triggering a notification if the child enters or leaves a designated area, and features an intelligent emergency procedure to locate the child and put them in touch with family if needed.  FiLIP was granted FCC certification in July.

“FiLIP is exactly the type of device for which we formed the Emerging Devices team at AT&T.  Filip Technologies is taking wearable device innovation in a new direction – going beyond the smart watch to solve a real problem for parents and make their lives easier,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Emerging Devices, AT&T Mobility.

“Our goal with FiLIP has been to create a product that empowers kids to explore their world while remaining in touch with those who care about them the most,” said Jonathan Peachey, CEO of Filip Technologies.  “With their extensive wireless coverage, commitment to innovation and excellent customer care, AT&T is the ideal carrier to help us bring FiLIP to the U.S. market.”

Now this device makes sense much more than the Firefly kids phone from a few years back. While the Firefly was great and it kept kids in touch minimally, the advantage with FiLIP is the wear-ability and durability. I remember always worrying that my daughter would lose her Firefly, there is much less of that with FiLIP. Additional details on pricing and service plans will be available in the coming months. Hit the links below to find out more!



Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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