Tenerarca Releases Eco-Friendly Cases To Battle Smartphone Bacteria



Tenerarca introduces device cases treated with antibacterial, sanitizing, and negative-ion-generating technology that is supposed to protect you from bacteria and radiation. The company uses what they call UPSKIN ™ Technology which they claim is both environmentally friendly and beneficial to your health. Here are some of the points Tenerarca makes.

Harmful Bacteria

Research shows that smartphones are highly prone to harmful bacteria. We tend to assume that our phones are clean since we typically never let it out of our sight.  However, this is not the case.

Just think about all the public surfaces that your device touches on a daily basis – your office desk, the gym floor, airline tray tables, and your kitchen counter, for example.  We then place these phones in close proximity to our faces and mouths without even considering cleaning them. In addition, we often share our phones with others, thereby sharing the germs embedded on the phone. The fact that we have limited solutions in disinfecting these smartphones besides a professional cleansing, it makes it hard for us to keep them free of bacteria.  An electronic device such as a smartphone is not part of our everyday cleaning routine.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Several studies have found that heavy cell phone usage can increase the risk of developing cancer or other health problems, most likely from the electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by cell phones. According to new research, radiation can be absorbed into the body tissue closest to where the phone is held, causing the tissue to heat up and damage the molecules, eventually causing tissue failure. This is an alarming public health concern with the increasing population of cell phone users and is increasing rapidly, especially among young adults and children. There are various methods in minimizing cell phone radiation, such as keeping the phone away from your body, but this hinders proper usage of the cell phone as it was designed and built to be utilized.


There is no doubt that these points are valid, so how does Tenerarca solve the problem and is the solution proven?

Here’s the solution: PAR’SK USA Inc.’s Tenerarca, eco-friendly, health-conscious leather cases for iPhones, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy Note. Tenerarca cases are treated with PAR’SK USA’s proprietary antibacterial, sanitizing, and negative-ion-generating technology, UPSKIN™, an environmentally friendly method of treating leather. A Tenerarca case can eliminate up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria. In addition to the antimicrobial effects, UPSKIN-treated leather generates negative ions, which some studies have shown to neutralize harmful electromagnetic waves.

Eskei Park, the President of PAR’SK USA, describes the UPSKIN-infused Tenerarca smartphone and tablet cases as a revolution in leather that combines classic style and feel with ultramodern functionality.

“Tenerarca’s cases have been imbued, through an eco-friendly process, with negative-ion-emitting effects that soothe the body, the mind, and the soul,” explains Eskei.  Studies also show that negative ions have a calming effect, and a reduction of anxiety, stress and exhaustion.

“We are confident that consumers will appreciate the value of our eco-friendly and health-conscious cases,” he adds.

“Additionally, we anticipate that more producers of leather goods will utilize UPSKIN’s pioneering leather. This is the beginning of a very healthy trend.” For more information, visit http://tenerarca.myshopify.com/

We’ve reached out to Tenerarca for a sample unit and we hope to bring a review. In the meantime, check out their site for more info. Currently the cases are only available for the Galaxy Note 2, iPhone and iPad.

Tenerarca Website


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Last Updated on September 23, 2017.


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