Apple’s Siri Assistant Tanks In New Poll



46% of Americans think that the voice recognition capabilities of Apple’s intelligent personal assistant for its iOS applications has been “oversold” according to a poll of over 2000 American consumers by speech technology experts Intelligent Voice™. Which does not surprise me at all. Most of my friends own and use iPhones and I have yet to talk to one of them that praises Siri. Oh yes, I have found compliments for her but for the most part the conversation always leads to how frustrating she is. Seems the witty answers to stupid questions only lasts for so long.

44% also rate Siri’s accuracy as “Hit or Miss” or worse.

A mere 12.7% rate Siri as “Extremely accurate.”

“Voice Recognition is an emerging technology that’s been emerging for 30 years,” says Intelligent Voice™ CTO Nigel Cannings. “We need to be careful that we sell what is possible, and it seems we’re not doing that. ‘Star Trek’ communication with computers is still a long way off.

“With the release of iOS 7, Apple has dropped the ‘Beta’ tag for Siri, but the need for an Internet connection as well as issues with transcription do leave open to question whether that was a wise idea.”

So what do you think? Is Siri just an Apple gimmick that’s hit or miss? Do you use her?

Full report and results can be found here

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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