HTC Smartwatch In The Works, Says Bloomberg. Why?



Is it just me, or does it seem that HTC has been in the midst of throwing mud against the wall and hoping something will stick? The problem is that HTC just can’t seem to take advantage, or is too blind to see when some mud did stick. They have completely lost any advantage they had with the HTC One, a phone that could have been used to pull their struggling brand from the black hole they are in. Instead of taking advantage of a device, which gained praise from many critics, they decided to play follow the leader with Samsung and release two more phones based on the One, One Mini and One Max. Which, in this writers opinion, has diluted any premium feel the One had.

Then they decided it was a great idea to bring Robert Downey Jr. in to help promote HTC as a brand, probably figuring on Downey’s popularity as Iron Man. The problem here is that Downey can only bring himself to the ad campaign, there is no Iron Man. And while Downey is a great actor, let’s face it, people want to see Iron Man. Just another misstep on HTC’s part, one that cost them millions in advertising. I’d love to see the metrics on projected return from that ad campaign and then see the actual numbers.

At this point I think HTC is like a drowning man who can’t swim, in a panic trying to reach for a piece of driftwood, except when they do get that driftwood they let go. I’m not saying I have the solutions for HTC but it isn’t hard to see that they are in need of a life vest. I own the HTC One and it is easily the best Android smartphone I have ever owned. Even the stock Sense UI is lovely, not like Samsung’s Touchwiz. I don’t know what the answer is but I know throwing money into the smartwatch and wearable tech pool is only going to drain them further. Let’s hope they can do something soon to save the sinking ship because HTC is worth saving.

Bloomberg Report

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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