Fan Render Of The Next iPhone, Could Apple Really Think This Far Out Of The Box?



Nikola Cirkovic is apparently a huge fan of the iPhone and a pretty good user of graphics programs. He’s come out with what he thinks the iPhone 6 should look like. The render shows a beautiful edge to edge display with the corners rounded off much more than the iPhone 5s. There are already rumors of Apple making the next iPhone a 4.8″ offering, which might find wide spread appeal among Android users. Spreading that screen edge to edge might also keep the iPhone slim and easy to handle with one hand. Of course this is all speculation and we won’t truly know anything until next year. Or until some blogger finds the iPhone 6 in a bar somewhere. Hit the link below to see Nikola’s full renders.


Nikola Cirkovic


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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