PEAR Sports Releases Its Fitness App To Android



PEAR Sports announced the expansion of its fitness app to the Android platform. With hundreds of workouts and training plans, PEAR says its real-time coaching system is transforming the way people get fit and stay healthy. And now both iPhone and Android users can take advantage of this innovative system, which includes a custom heart rate monitor and earphones designed specifically for fitness pursuits.

“We want to share PEAR’s ability to tailor workouts with more and more people, everyone from fitness fanatics to those getting off the couch for the very first time,” says Kristian Rauhala, president and co-founder of PEAR Sports. “With our app now on both iPhone and Android, more people can experience the convenience and fun, whether their goals are simple weight loss, advanced strength training, or the next Boston Marathon.”

WHAT IS PEAR? PEAR takes all of the data a typical heart-rate monitor provides—heart rate, calories, distance, time, and more—and turns it into real-time coachingOnce PEAR calibrates to your current fitness level, simply select a training plan from one of our coaches—renowned experts in weight loss, nutrition, fitness, running, and other athletic activities—and get started. PEAR will deliver a smart, personalized workout that coaches you in real time based on your body’s response to the workout, making sure you’re always training at maximum efficiency. The PEAR system includes PEAR’s app, Bluetooth wireless heart-rate monitor, and Stride earphones. A full library of PEAR workouts and plans are available in-app and online at The complete system is available at and select retailers like AT&T and Best Buy for $99. The PEAR Sports app can be downloaded for free at the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Currently, the PEAR Android app is available on the Samsung Galaxy S4 only, but compatibility with other devices is in the works.

INTUITIVE FEATURES: Experience interactive, heart-rate-based coaching, a full workout and plan store, third-party music compatibility, data and GPS tracking, direct social sharing, and more. After a workout, view your results on your phone, tablet, or laptop via a personal cloud account at

LATEST UPGRADES: PEAR has completely redesigned the app experience, with a new and more streamlined look, easier navigation while downloading workouts, and more detailed stats. Users can also access their account and stats online from any Web-enabled device.

THE PEAR STORY: Developed by a passionate team of entrepreneurs with athletic, technology, and design backgrounds, PEAR Sports was born from the desire to offer smart, personalized coaching to anyone wanting to reach a fitness or performance goal. PEAR is a real-time audio coaching system that adapts to your heart rate and fitness level, putting a world-class coach in your ear with hundreds of custom workout plans, including strength training, weight loss, spinning, running, endurance training, and more. The PEAR ecosystem has something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned athletes, and is continuously adding new workouts and plans. The system serves as a smart personal coach, delivering fitness, toning, and weight-loss benefits while users train and listen to their favorite music. Hit the Playstore Logo below to get the app from Google Play. Its also available for iOS, just hit the App Store Logo below.



Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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