Moto X Being Discontinued In Favor Of The Moto G?



The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Motorola is going to plan B and axing the Moto X in favor of the Moto G. Sales of the Moto X have been disappointing according to research firm Strategy Analytics, roughly 500,000 Moto X phones were sold in the third quarter, after the phone was released in August. The Moto X has been praised by critics and users alike for its unique software features and excellent hardware optimization. The Moto G seems to be targeting a lower price point with quality in tow.

“One of the areas that we think is really open for Motorola is building high-quality, low-cost devices,” Mr. Woodside said at the time. “The price of a smartphone is $650? That’s not gonna persist.”

This is an interesting move as Google (Motorola’s parent company) already makes their low cost, high quality Nexus line. Can Google continue to support two mobile faces in Moto and Nexus? Is this a move to combine the two brands in the near future? And what about Project Ara how will that play into Moto and Google’s plans. So many questions and very little answers. The bigger question for Moto X users is, how long will Moto support the Moto X? Now that it is being discontinued? Hit the link below for the full source report.

Wall Street Journal


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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