Under Armour Buys Fitness App, MapMyFitness For $150Mil



Sport and fitness apparel maker, Under Armour, has just purchased fitness app MayMyFitness for $150 million dollars. Not a bad pay out for the MapMyFitness folks. The potential to reach more customers through the MapMyFitness app is huge as they have over 20 million registered users. Here’s what Under Armour had to say.

“This partnership is about Under Armour enhancing our digital expertise to drive the future of performance innovation for the global athlete community,” said Kevin Plank, Founder and CEO of Under Armour. “We will build on the community of over 20 million registered users that MapMyFitness has cultivated in the connected fitness space, and together we will serve as a destination for the measurement and analytics needs of all athletes. Innovation has always been at the core of our company, and now we are better positioned to design open, digital products for the athlete of tomorrow and become more proactive in providing solutions that will help people across the world lead healthier lifestyles.”

MapMyFitness is a solid app, lets hope Under Armour continues to evolve it and not just use it as a customer fishing game. Hit the link below for the press release.

Press Release

Under Armour

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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