Oppo VP Pete Lau May Team Up With Cyanogen Inc To Make New Hardware


The Android world was floored when Steve Kondik of Cyanogenmod fame announced he was taking his ROM and going public with it. There were praises and jeers alike, some approved others didn’t. Shortly thereafter Cyanogenmod Inc. teamed up with device maker Oppo, to install the Cyanogenmod ROM on their handsets. Now both TechnoBuffalo and Engadget are reporting that the VP of Oppo, Pete Lau, may be leaving Oppo to help Cyanogenmod Inc. create their own hardware. This is very big news for the rooting and ROM community. It remains to be seen how the Cyanogenmod Inc. venture will pan out but if they continue to make key partnerships, they can certainly get this thing moving somewhere fast. Hit the source links below for more.



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