The Boeing 777x Will Have Folding Wings To Reduce Fuel Consumption

Boeing will begin delivery of it’s newest aircraft in 2020, the Boeing 777x, which incorporates folding wings that will give the plane 12 percent more fuel efficient than any other in its class. But don’t be misguided by the folding wings part. These wings only fold up while the plane is on the ground to allow the plane to taxi and park at airports. Why would you need to fold the wings on the ground? Because the wings of the 777x are longer than the wings of its sister aircraft, the Boeing 777. The longer wings are what gives the 777x better fuel efficiency in the air. Clever thinking on the part of Boeing, this move should not only save millions in fuel costs but also save the environment from that much less fuel being burned. Boeing already has 259 orders for the 777x. Hit the source link below.

Source: MIT Tech Review

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