Google Glass Word Lens App Aims To Translate The Words Around You


A new Google Glass app is looking to help you understand the words around you, assuming your brain doesn’t have the capacity or knowledge to translate them. The Word Lens app (from Quest Visual) will translate any words put in front of it into the language you can read. Very cool and very useful for those of you that may travel a lot and need to read what is around you. This could save your butt at a foreign airport or while driving in a foreign country. And you could finally read that french menu at that ritzy restaurant you have been wanting to go to.

The Word Lens Glass app works in real time, and it also accesses local storage. A dictionary of about 10,000 words in each chosen language are stored locally on the device, so users can get their translations even when they travel internationally without a data plan. That’s in contrast to Google’s own Google Goggles app, which requires a Web connection.

This is really a neat little app and yet another great step forward for Glass developers. Looks like things are getting exciting on the Glass front. Hit the link below for the full source story.

Source: All Things Digital 

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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