Liquid Lenses; Will We See Their Applications Expand?



Lenses are a huge part of any camera system, weather it be on your cell phone, video camera or DSLR. One of the issues with our current lenses is they have to be mechanically adjusted where as liquid lenses can be electronically adjusted. This limits the physical abuse the lens takes prolonging the life of the lens.


The lens also works as an image stabilizer. On a moving surface, the liquid lens can counterbalance the movement and make the picture stable by using a little gyroscope to guide the movement of the liquid inside the lens. Eventually this could make tripods obsolete.

A liquid lens can also modify the trajectory of a laser beam. Normally it is oriented by mirrors moved by mechanical engines but a liquid lens can do everything electronically, without any movement.

Memolition says that liquid lenses are currently used in limited applications but we it is hoped they could be used in medical applications and consumer electronics.Check out the two videos below to see how this technology works.

Source: Memolition

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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