Taste What You See On Your TV Or Computer?



For the longest time we’ve heard television food cooks always use a phrase similar to, “If only we had smell-o-vision”. Well Scientists at the National University of Singapore have gone one sense further and are working on a solution to allow you to taste what you see on TV or computer. They are using electrodes to stimulate the tongue which they say can produce salt, sweet, sour and bitter sensations in your mouth.

Dr Nimesha Ranasinghe National University of Singapore

“Digital taste is a technology for digitally simulating the sensation of taste.” The electrode uses electrical and thermal stimulation in a non-invasive way to produce various taste sensations. To simulate flavours we need to go beyond taste and incorporate smell, texture, colors and other modalities, because flavor is a cross sensory experience with multiple senses.”

Dr. Ranasinghe and his team are also working on digital lollipops. Take a look at the videos below for more about this idea.

Source: psfk

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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