Honda Integrating iOS Into 2014 Civics


The 2014 Honda Civic

Honda is integrating iOS into their 2014 Honda Civics on a whole new level, initially they integrated Siri functions into the vehicle now it seems the integration is going to go deeper. You can head over to 9to5 Mac for more info on that story but what we would like to know is. What happens to the millions of non iOS users who want to purchase a 2014 Civic? Will the iOS integration be an option or included feature?

While I have nothing against iOS (I myself use an iPhone and MacBook) this kind of leaves Android and Windows users out in the cold. Unless integration is an option I can see Honda losing sales here. Or perhaps Apple is betting that users who may be using Android and Windows will purchase an iOS device after purchasing a 2014 Civic. Whatever the motivation and plans from Apple and Honda. It is nice to finally see deeper smartphone integration into vehicles. Although we hope that there will be options in the future, like choosing what OS you want to integrate with. Hit the link below for 9to5 Mac’s coverage.

Source: 9to5 Mac

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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