Facebook To Start Selling Auto-Play Video Ads On Your Wall



Reuters is reporting that Facebook will now begin selling video ads that will appear on users Facebook walls giving Facebook more ad revenue. This isn’t all too surprising as there are many companies that make this a regular practice. Google is one of the top ad revenue internet companies on the planet. What makes this so annoying is the fact these planned ads will automatically play when you open your Facebook wall. I understand the need for revenue and to keep not only the website moving but keep the shareholders happy. Recently larger tech sites like Lifehacker and Gizmodo have taken to autoplay ads on their sites (fair to note it doesn’t happen on every visit). Visiting their sites you land on a webpage and begin your read, suddenly a video pops up and you have to wait either for the video to end or wait 5 seconds to skip. This type of ad campaign is just annoying, I don’t mind ads on the sides or even video ads that you can click to watch. But it really lessens my user experience when those ads auto-play. A new age of internet is dawning people.

Source: Reuters

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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