Samsung Hires Ex-Apple Store Designer Tim Gudgel


photo for reference only
photo for reference only

Well it looks like Samsung just might be getting serious about a full on retail establishment. Gigaom is reporting (via The Information) that Samsung has scooped up former Apple store designer Tim Gudgel. Apple is often praised for their store layout and approach. Currently Samsung has retail pop-ups in some malls and Best Buy stores. Hiring Gudgel just might be a move into a more permanent home for Samsung. Samsung is taking the advantage it has now, as the top Android OEM, and positioning itself to remain there. The more it pushes its brand out into the public eye the more solidified it gets. Who knows, maybe this is a building block to pushing Tizen out in front of Android. That would certainly get them out from under Google’s shadow but would it work? Lots of speculation and questions can be made. For now it just looks like Sammy wants to better its retail experience. Hit the link for source.

Source: Gigaom

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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