Microsoft Looking To Compete In Android Dominated India Wireless Market


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India’s smartphone market is dominated by Android devices just ask some of the Android blogs out there, they will tell you (or not) how much web traffic they get from India. But Microsoft is looking to fight Android on its own dominate turf in 2014. Microsoft is working with companies like Lava to bring Windows Phone 8.1 devices to the Indian market.

Vishal Sehgal, co-founder and director of Xolo said; We will come out with a WP device next year. The plan is to launch with Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft is also in talks with Micromax, the second largest phone maker in India behind Samsung. But there has been no definite information from those talks.

“Talks are on but we need to agree on how we can do that. One of the contentious issues is the licence fee that has to be paid to Microsoft for using Windows Phone. Android on the other hand is free,” said a Micromax official. “Given the tough competition, margins are low. If we also pay licence fee, it may make the device too costly for consumers”.

Being from America it’s hard for us to gauge just how well Microsoft will do in this market but competition can only be a good thing for the users in India. Hit the source link below for more.

Source: The Times of India

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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