Ford’s Concept Solar Car Could Be An Everyday Solution



Ford, SunPower Corp. and the Georgia Institute of Technology have teamed up to bring a concept solar car to CES 2014. Solar powered cars aren’t anything new, there have been attempts in the past to harness the power of the sun. But those attempts were single passenger concepts and often too small to add other passengers. This concept is much more user friendly and traditional. Remember that this is just a concept car and there is no plan to build these to production. But as Phil LeBeau points out at CNBC, often times the technology in concepts like these will make its way into cars that are already in production.


In theory, the C-MAX Solar Energi could fully recharge itself without the vehicle having to be plugged in to an electrical outlet. Ford believes sunshine could power up to 75 percent of all trips made in a solar hybrid vehicle, though the automaker does not give a distance for those trips.

Solar powered cars are certainly something that could impact many areas of our lives, for the better. And hopefully Ford and its partners have overcome one of the most difficult tasks of creating a solar powered car. That is the ability to carry multiple passengers. We can’t wait to see this at CES 2014. Hit the link for source.

Source: CNBC

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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