The 84 MPG American Made Elio Will Be At CES 2014


The Elio is one funky looking three wheeled two passenger vehicle but it certainly is impressive in its MPG rating. Even the price is mind blowing, you can score one of these for a mere $6800. Elio Motors will be at CES 2014 this year showing off its yet to be released Elio vehicle. In a press release Elio had this to say:

“Elio Motors is focused on affordability, and with an 8-gallon tank that can travel upward of 670 miles without the need for a fill up, this vehicle is unlike anything else in today’s market.” says Paul Elio, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Elio Motors. “Our ultra-high mileage appeals to consumers in addition to our aftermarket-friendly design and assortment of customizable options. Showcasing the Elio at (CES) ShowStoppers is a wonderful opportunity to highlight how this vehicle can be personalized with a variety of electronics and we are excited to be a part of this internationally renowned event.”

“The Elio’s ground-breaking Safety Management System is a perfect example of how we are working to put an innovative twist on transportation,” Elio continues. “Everything from the safety features to the sound system on the Elio can be customized, and we’re committed to having a vehicle that reflects consumers’ interests and needs.”

While the Elio is obviously not for everyone, I think there is a market out there for a car like this. Affordabability and huge gas savings are great draws to this vehicle. If I didn’t have a wife and four kids I’d be looking at an Elio. Stay tuned to the site, Google+ and Twitter pages, we’re going to look for this at CES and try and bring you some thoughts.

UPDATE: One of our readers clued us in on a potential “issue” with Elio vehicles. Since they are three wheeled vehicles some states consider that a motorcycle, meaning you will have to get the appropriate license to drive one. Thanks Hanna!

Source: Elio

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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