The TYLT Vu Wireless Qi Charger Car Mount, A Stand Out At CES 2014


Wireless charging is fast becoming a requested method of charging your mobile device. While there are not a lot of OEM‘s that are doing it, there are many 3rd party OEM’s making it possible with any phone. The TYLT Vu wireless charger car mount is a prototype made for phones with built in wireless charging like the LG G2 and the Nexus 5.

We had a personal tour of the TYLT booth at CES 2014 and we absolutely loved this prototype Qi Charger. What you see in the pictures isn’t the final production model, there will likely be some re-work on it but TYLT is heading in the right direction with this. No word on when this will be released and no price point yet, but expect it this year sometime.

TYLT is definetley a company to keep your eye on. Their products are some of the best out there. We hope to have one of these for review when they hit the street. But keep an eye out in a week or two for our review of the TYLT Energi Backpack! Hit the link below to visit TYLT’s website.


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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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