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Quick Review: Moshi iVisor Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 5/5s

Screen protectors are generally not my thing, I usually run naked on the front of all my devices. But out at CES 2014 Moshi showed me their iVisor Glass screen protectors for the iPhone 5 and 5s. I was pretty impressed with what I saw, the demo unit didn’t even appear to be on the device. So Moshi was kind enough to give me one to test.

The iVisor is shock-proof, bubble-proof and scratch-resistant, two of those I was very prepared to test (we skipped the shock-proof test). Installation of the iVisor was effortless and took all of thirty seconds. I prepared the iPhone screen by cleaning it well with the supplied cloth. Moshi’s instructions say to not use any cleaning agents on the screen, if needed use a small amount of water. Once the screen was clean, I lined up the power button cutout and laid the protector in place. The first try it was on and without a single bubble in sight.

We moved on to the scratch test. We used keys and fingernails along with coins to simulate what might happen in normal use. The iVisor stood up to all the abuse and is still scratch free. It really is amazing how you don’t even notice the protector is on. It’s as clear as the glass that’s on the iPhone and it only measures 0.3mm thick, so it’s barely noticeable at all. I was able to fit several cases on the phone even with the iVisor on (results may vary). The iVisor is also washable and reusable and comes with a suction cup to easily remove it from the phone. At a cost of $35 I believe it’s well worth the money, It’s reusabilty alone makes it worth it, but others may not agree. I give the iVisor 5 out of 5 stars.


  • Great protection
  • Easy to install/clean
  • Hardly noticeable
  • Reusable


  • Perhaps some may find the $35 cost too steep

Hit the link below to get your Moshi iVisor, available in a variety of colors.



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