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How many times has a friend sent you a YouTube video you just had to see? You click the link and up pops YouTube. Hit the play button ready to have a belly full of laughs and you’re stuck with the spinning wheel of boredom. And by the time the darned thing does load you’ve been so numbed by the wheel, you’ve lost interest. Such is the frustration of many users who complain about YouTube load times. Generally the reason your side splitting video is loading so slow, or not at all, is because of your ISP. So Google has announced that they will now rank ISP’s on their YouTube performance.


Google is offering ISPs the chance to become YouTube HD Verified. The benchmark to achieve this verification is that users must be able to watch YouTube videos in 720p or higher with consistent buffering times 90% of the time. Of course there is a second ranking of YouTube Standard Definition Verified where users must be able to watch most videos in 360p with moderate buffering times. And of course there is the lowest of the low, the Lower Definition ranking in which users are unable to watch videos at 360p or higher most of the time.

There are many factors that can independently affect user experience on the internet, including—but not limited to—a user’s internet connection speed, reliability of the access network, availability and load characteristics of the application servers and in some cases, the configuration of the users’ in-home network. Individual and isolated measures like access speed or server capacity do not capture the real user experience. An end to end, application-level performance measurement that includes all the influencers in the equation is the right approach to measure and quantify the true internet user experience.

Presented here is a methodology to rate Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in terms of YouTube video capability, based on sustained application level performance measurements. The objective is to present a rating that is meaningful, easy to understand and one that closely reflects the real world internet experience. Read More of Google’s Statement HERE


So rating your ISP on YouTube performance, what do you think? Hit the link below for sources and to get more info on Google’s page.

Sources: BroadBandChatter Google

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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