SwiftKey Keyboard Shows Up On iPhone 5s


So by now we know that Fleksy’s keyboard is available on the iPhone but on a limited basis. Because Apple does not allow any modification to it’s core system, third party keyboards will not work system wide. But, this doesn’t mean app devs have to use the system keyboard. Our friends over at @evleaks have just released a shot of an iPhone 5s with SwiftKey on it and an app called SwiftKey Note.


From the looks of it, other third party keyboard makers look to be experimenting with getting their wares on the iPhone. Of course, until Apple decides to let the system be modified SwiftKey, like Fleksy, will live in apps only. Now the bigger question is, who will get the popular apps to adopt their keyboards into their apps? Also will seasoned iPhone users really care? As a user of both Android and iOS, I would love to see SwiftKey on my iPhone, it is my favorite keyboard of all time. But to make this really worth the time, these keyboard devs really need to get a boat load of apps on board with them. Hit the link below for @evleaks.

Source: @evleaks

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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