SlideLock: A Dope Lockscreen Alternative For The Minimalist In You

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As an HTC One owner (carrier locked) who has recently upgraded to KitKat, I was very upset to learn that I could not get the Nexus 5 lock screen on my device without rooting it (yes I thought this update was the holy grail and would turn my phone into some super-human device that looked exactly like a vanilla Android device, yeah I spazzed all the way out).  So for about two days straight I scoured the Play Store for lock screen alternatives that would mimic the Nexus 5 until I finally came across SlideLock.  SlideLock is a lock screen notifier replacement by Silver Finger Software who some of you may know from NotifierPro and coordinating themes in the Play store.

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What caught my eye about SlideLock is the clean, sleek design.  Nothing too over the top, just a simple screen with clock and any/all missed notifications.  Simple, and not too many bells and whistles which is exactly the reason I wanted the Nexus 5 experience.  The personalization aspect is easy and quick; you simply chose the apps you want notifications for and how you want them to look (either with text description or without) and you’re done.  Easy peezy.

Swiping ‘unlock’ to the left will open your camera, to the right will bring to either your security screen (for pin or password entry) or your home screen depending on your settings.  The wallpapers are completely customizable with anything you have in your gallery (although I haven’t found a way to chose from my phone’s actual wallpapers).  My personal opinion is that lock screens should be organized and uncomplicated, just show me what I’ve missed, the time and date, maybe the battery percentage and I’m happy.  SlideLock does just that and I highly recommend it. I’ve installed this on my One and an LG G2 and am satisfied with the app on both (although it is a little laggy on the G2).

The app is initially free with an upgrade to pro ($2.73) for features that you may or may not need depending on individual user needs (Pebble integration anyone?).  Silver Finger also has a beta testing community via Google+ so visit them when you get a chance.  Check out the vid (dope vocals) and click the link after the source to download and enjoy.

Source: SlideLock

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Last Updated on December 28, 2015.


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