Quick Review: The Elago S5C Series Case For iPhone 5C

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We see our fair share of cases come through for review here at Techaeris, and each one of them has a quality all its own. The Elago S5C Series case for the iPhone 5C is no different in that regard. Elago’s tag line is “Simple Sophistication,” and it’s a well earned tag line indeed.


Let’s start with the packaging, or lack thereof, I should say. I believe that packaging plays a huge part in the entire experience of purchasing a product. I’ve seen a ton of different types of packaging for cases from elaborate boxes with magnetic clasps to a ziploc bag. I think it’s important for a company to show a good first impression in its presentation, and if you read any of my reviews you already know that. Elago’s first impression certainly impresses. The packaging begins to show exactly what Elago’s tag line says, simple sophistication. The S5C was packaged in a simple, translucent, eco-friendly (recyclable) plastic bag with a foil back. Printed at the bottom was the following:

We are trying to keep the earth a cleaner place and we thank you for helping us towards that goal.

Who can argue with that? Opening up the bag the S5C slid out and was in hand quickly. The first thing I noticed was the lightness of the case followed by the feel of it. Holding it in hand almost felt as if I was holding an iPhone 4S. For those of you who aren’t fans of the 5C rounded edges and preferred the iPhone 4/4S feel, this will make you very happy. The S5C is well constructed with quality materials there is nothing cheap feeling or looking on this case.

What Elago excels at is their design. We come back to their tag line, simple sophistication. We received the white/lovely pink combo which has an elegant look and feel. The Elago branding is subtle and well-done, actually adding to the overall design, look, and feel of the phone. Everything about the design work on this case is just amazing. The case itself is going to serve your basic protection needs. It’s going to take a good spill and protect the phone well. You may end up hurting the case, but that’s what it’s for anyway. If you’re on the hunt for Ballistic level protection, the S5C is not your case. You won’t be running it over with a car and getting your phone back in one piece. But that’s just fine because most of us just need basic protection anyhow.


The Elago S5C offers you basic protection for a case in this price point. It’s not going to be construction grade protection but not everyone needs that. One of the best things about Elago is their eco-friendly stance and their ability to combine their design into the very simple packaging. And the absolute best thing about the Elago S5C, is the design. Simple sophistication is about the only thing that can describe it. The elegance of simplicity is sometimes not done very well, but in the case of Elago it’s done well. I give the S5C five stars out of 5 and recommend it to anyone who wants basic protection with awesome design. You can pick yours up, in a variety of colors, at the Elago site for $25.99. Hit the link below to find Elago on the web.

Elago S5C Series Case



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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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