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These days it seems like we all love to tweet – enough to fill a large four-book set every second.  But do we all really love our tweets?  Permanent Retweet is giving you the opportunity to put your money where your Twitter is (?) and have any tweet etched onto either wood, or metal.

This service was conveniently launched on April 1st, but the founder – Brian Thompson – has repeatedly insisted it’s not a joke.  The site is still up and going now, so I’m inclined to believe him.  However…

…he freely acknowledges the absurd and humorous nature of the enterprise, the idea is not a prank. He has access to a laser cutter at the MakeATX workshop in Austin — and he has made his first sale: This Damien Fahey tweet bought by someone who intends to give it to a Fahey fan.

The idea for Permanent Retweet came about after a conversation with his wife.

It was originally inspired by my wife’s frustration with how distracted I get by Twitter, as she put it ‘looking at your phone instead of being here in the real world with us.

Rather than backing away from Twitter, he’s bringing the tweets with him!  Permanent Retweet currently does not support images or video thumbnails in the etching process, but all other pertinent tweet information is available.

So how much would you expect to pay in order to make your most favorite tweets tangible?  If you’d expect to pay $20 for wood and $30 for metal, you’ve expected correctly!   Thompson originally planned to donate a portion of the purchase price to the original tweeter – if you order anything other than your own tweet – however due to unexpected demand he has shelved that idea temporarily.  

If ever the donation option becomes available again, please feel free to use my poignant, inspirational, and dare I say life-changing first tweet to keep forever:


Truly amazing =) 


Source:  Yahoo Tech, Permanent Retweet


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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