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Ring Of Fire
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Mother Nature is the ultimate attention seeker and tonight, April 28th, at 11 p.m PT/2 a.m ET she will be showing us the “Ring Of Fire” annular solar eclipse. The only place on earth this event will be visible is the Antarctic and since we’re not jumping on a bus there anytime soon, you can catch it by watching the Live stream, video after the break.

A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between the sun and earth casting her shadow over the earth. In tonight’s event the moon is a little closer to the earth than normal meaning that it will not be able to cover the entirety of the sun. This leaves the edges of the sun still visible making it look like a “Ring Of Fire” high in the heavens.

Since none of us have the resources to make it to Antarctica, we’re all going to miss this awesome event in it’s totality.  Aside from Antarctica, this event is only visible from the Southern Indian ocean and Australia. But there is hope: the Slooh Space Camera in Australia will have a small window to catch part of the event. We placed the live stream above for easy access (if you’re planning on being up that late) but you can also visit Slooh’s website for the stream and for more information on the event.

Mother nature does some very cool things.  It would be sweet if it was happening in a habitable area but technology is once again coming to the rescue! Are you staying up late to catch her latest show? Or will you wait for the replay? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Whichever you choose try not to miss it!

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Sources: WIRED, Slooh

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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