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There are hundreds if not thousands of cases on the market for the iPhone. You can find them littering the kiosks at the mall and cluttering up Amazons pages. But once in awhile something kind of cool emerges through the pile of plastic and metal. And what better place for something cool to emerge than Indiegogo. The Fritzframe is a versatile case for your iPhone that tries to solves some of life’s little problems.  Indiegogo is always a great place to find unique and fun new ideas, and Fritzframe looks like it’s heading to success, they’ve already busted through their funding goal by over $5000. Check out the video after the break. And read on down below for more information on this Indiegogo, then hit the link at the end or right HERE. What do you think of the Fritzframe? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. 


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20140416024931 Hangt It Idea

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The fritzframe clicks are self adhesive stands that can be applied to almost any surface. Simply click your fritzframe into the fritzclicks and your iPhone is always where you want it. Use them on the dashboard of your car, at home in the kitchen, or at work.

We are currently testing different materials with our manufacturer to make the “fritzframe clicks” as strong as possible to support your iPhone.

With your backing, we can ensure they will be available upon shipment with our fritzframe.

Please check out our early sketches and technical drawings.


20140328042431 CLicks


20140504011417 fritzframe clicks

20140504011447 fritzframe fritch1


20140326133102 Fritzclicks



20140329074823 one last thing


We developed an app called the “fritzframe app”. It’s a voice command app for taking hands free, shake free videos, photos and selfies. Just say “Photo” and the app detects your voice and snaps a photo for you.  It also responds to the command “Video” enabling you to take better quality videos. You don’t have to disrupt the shot by using your finger to record and stop.


20140328100933 fritzapp screens 120140328100940 fritzapp screens

FRITZFRAME on Indiegogo

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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