Opinion: Has Blackberry Found A New Way To Stay Relevant?


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Reuters is reporting that Blackberry will be entering a deal with Amazon, Inc. to begin offering 240,000 Android apps through the Amazon App Store on newer Blackberry devices. This is supposed to happen soon after Blackberry performs an upgrade to its operating system later this fall. But is this enough to pull Blackberry out of the grave?

It’s very well known that Blackberry has had more than one foot in the grave, but has just refused to let the dirt be piled on top to finish the job. You have to admire the tenacity of the company to want to remain relevant in the mobile market. Once an industry leader, Blackberry now trails far behind the firm and mature market leaders, Android and iOS. This is the failing company’s latest attempt at staving off the undertaker.

But will this work? On paper it sure seems like it could. But that all depends on a few key points. Of the 240,000 Android apps that Blackberry will soon offer on its devices, how many of those are relevant and highly sought after apps? This will be an absolute bust if Blackberry’s offerings end at fart apps and meme makers. And what is Blackberry doing on the design side of things? Will the next Blackberry OS be more appealing and functional?

I’m the last guy that wants to see a company die. I’d love to see Blackberry turn things around, because we need a few more players for good competition that will push all of the companies in the market toward innovation. If Blackberry’s previous plays are any indication, however, this might not be its saving grace but I’m willing to give them one more shot.

What do you think? Can Blackberry turn things around this time? Let us know in the comments or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. Links to our social media pages are located to the left of your screen!

Source: Reuters


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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