T-Mobile Announces Test Drives And Rhapsody UnRadio



T-Mobile took to the stage tonight to announce unCarrier 5.0, and they dropped a couple of big bombshells. First, they started with a few  facts and statistics. CEO John Legere said that, “smartphones are mobile supercomputers” and that “T-Mobile is an internet company.” He also stated a few statistics concerning mobile and fixed computing, saying that, “in 2012 connected mobile devices surpassed PC usage and mobile will overtake PC usage by 2015”. He went on to state that 78% of Facebook users are mobile, 76% of Twitter users are mobile and social media users are highly mobile.

Legere discussed the fact that T-Mobile is built for data and one of their newest programs is named “Data Strong.” He stated that T-Mobile customers use the most amount of data than any other mobile customer. They use 69% more data than Verizon customers, 61% more than Sprint customers and 100% more than AT&T customers. He also said that T-Mobile has more network spectrum than Verizon or any of its competitors. Wideband LTE is now in 16 markets and offers up to 147Mbps download speeds (not guaranteed for all of course).

Legere made statements about the other carriers and the experiences customers have had with them, stating that “46% of Americans have walked out of a carrier store regretting the choice they have made.”


Now on to the announcements.

T-Mobile is now offering a FREE 7 day test drive to ALL new customers and business customers as well. T-Mobile is working exclusively with Apple to provide iPhone 5s devices to customers at no cost (CC numbers will be taken in case you think of never returning the device). Legere said that a large majority of people do not know the iPhone is even carried at T-Mobile and they want to help Apple turn that around. So, you will receive the iPhone 5s at no cost for 7 days and then simply return to any store after the 7 days. Business customers will receive 14 days and get three iPhone 5s’. You can sign up for your test drive starting Monday June 23rd at t-mobile.com/testdrive. Legere also addressed the issue of no Android phones being offered on the test drive. He referred back to the fact that Apple is partnering with them and providing the devices at no cost in an effort to get Apple products noticed on T-Mobile.

The second biggest announcement was Rhapsody unRadio streaming music, as well as FREE streaming music from several different streaming radio apps. So now you will be able to stream all of your music without it going against your data plan from different apps. The apps include. Pandora, iTunes Radio, Slacker, Rhapsody, iHeart Radio, Spotify and MILK. Google Play Music was not included because it did not make up a large percentage of the streaming on T-Mobile. However, users can go vote on T-Mobile’s website to include whatever service the think should be included. Now Rhapsody unRadio. This will be a T-Mobile exclusive and FREE to ALL customers with an Unlimited data plan. The service will also be available to customers with a tiered plan but it will cost them $4 a month, which is actually cheaper than Spotify, iTunes or Google Play Music.

There was a lot of information coming out of T-Mobile tonight, and when the dust settles we’ll hopefully have a better understanding of how it will all come into play. Legere refused to comment on the “rumors” that Sprint was buying T-Mobile.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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