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Tuesday scientists at Harvard transferred the first scent from Paris to New York via an iPhone app.

The champagne and passion fruit macaroon-scented message was transferred via a new communication platform called the oPhone. -Alyssa Bereznak, Yahoo

Courtesy Yahoo
Courtesy Yahoo

Picture this: You’re sitting at a restaurant with coworkers and just ordered the $16 pie for dessert. Today you snap a picture and send it to your spouse and tell them it’s the best pie ever! Soon you will also be able to send a smell with that image. The app, oSnap, allows you to take a photo and tag it with more than 3000 scents before sending it to a friend. The receiving party must have the oSnap app and a smelling station called the oPhone Duo. The oNote you just sent is read by the oPhone and it emits scents from two openings resembling miniature smokestacks. The scents are then emitted along with the message so the receiver sees and smells the oNote.

oPhone video (French subtitles) from Blake Armstrong on Vimeo.

If the receiving party doesn’t have an oPhone Duo they will receive a vivid description of the scent the sender is trying to convey. The oSnap app is available now in the Apple App Store. Not only could individuals use the oSnap app to send smells to each other but businesses could use the app as well. Smells added to products sold via the internet could increase the desire for those products.

If it gets off the ground, this could be big for online marketing. Imagine landing on a cookie website and an oPhone delivers a freshly baked cookie smell to users, or landing on a camping website and having the oPhone deliver the aroma of the outdoors.

In the future, we could have an entire new sector of online marketing arise. How about a Smell Optimization Expert?! This person’s job is to make sure each individual page of an online property aligns with the buying experience and in some way entices the user to convert. Think about split-testing a PPC landing page that sells cookies. -John Lincoln, Marketing Land

Courtesy Indiegogo
Courtesy Indiegogo

The oPhone Duo can be had for $149 from their project campaign page although delivery date is set for April 2015. While you wait to receive your oPhone you can visit one of the oPhone HotSpots to smell scents you have created.

It sounds interesting… But will people take the time to stop and smell the oNotes?

Sources: Indiegogo, Yahoo

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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