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Google Domains Website Screen Capture
Google Domains Website Screen Capture

Many small businesses still don’t have a custom domain name and instead rely on website building providers for their web presence solutions. Google is aiming to change that with Google Domains.

According to Google, 55% of small businesses have yet to claim a custom domain for their business. In keeping with one of their goals of helping small businesses succeed online, Google is working with a few select website building providers – including Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, and – to test Google Domains with a small group of people in an invite only beta.

A quick visit to the Google Domains website makes domain registration look like a relatively painless process – simply pick a name and build a site with an optional service offered by one of the website building providers.

Cost hasn’t been detailed yet, although one of the screens indicate $12.99 per domain per year, but there are a couple interesting services that Google is including with each registration:

  • No additional cost for private registration – Google will cover the cost of keeping your name, address and other contact details private.
  • Branded emails – ability to create up to 100 email aliases which forward to existing email addresses.
  • Easy domain forwarding – grab multiple domains (.net, .org, .biz) and forward web browsers to one location.
  • Sub-domains – set up to 100 sub-domains for unique page URLs.
  • DNS provided through Google’s DNS servers – Google will include 10 million name resolutions per year for each domain you register.
  • Full domain management – using simple-to-use tools, users will be able to add and manage resource records, integrate with Google App Engine, add name servers, configure TTL, and lock domains.
  • Support – phone and email support will be available Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm EST.

All in all, Google Domains sounds like a decent, easy to use offering for small businesses and others to use. While Google offers no-cost private registration, it is interesting that they limit name resolutions to 10 million per year – although it is unlikely that a small business would hit that number in a year. Most domain registrars offer 24/7 support as well – hopefully Google follows suit when Google Domains leaves beta.

What do you think about Google entering the domain market?  Will you be moving your domains over? How do you think GoDaddy, 1 & 1, Hover, 101Domain, and other domain registrars will respond to Google’s latest move? Let us know in the comments below, or on any of our social networks.

Source: Google+ Your Business, Google Domains

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

Google Domains Website Screen Capture

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