Project Ara dscout Program Closing, Google Looks To Make It Reality


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Project Ara, the modular phone project started under a Google owned Motorola and continues on in Google’s hands is closing down it’s dscout program. The dscout program was a R&D effort by the company to get as many ideas and thoughts from regular users as they could. Google cultivated as much data as they could to use in making the prototype Ara phone and will likely keep using that data in the full production as well. You can read Dan Makoski’s email farewell below. 

Dan Makoski Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP)

We started something special together 8 months ago: designing the Project Ara experience out in the open and with input from people across the world. The highlight of my day was coming into the office, looking at the latest snippets from all of you, and sharing inspirations with the rest of the Project Ara team.

After 9 missions with participation from over 30K people across 111 countries, we’re bringing the Ara Scouts program to a close. As many of you may have seen at our recent Google I/O presentation, the team’s focus over the next 8 months will be to bring our functional prototype into reality. We’ll be reaching out to our 100 most active Ara Scouts soon, letting them know that they’ll be among the first to get an Ara phone outside our team. You can see a list of the recipients right here! And the other 29,900 of you – don’t worry 🙂 – you’ll be seeing more from us as we get closer to launch.

We are extremely grateful to have collaborated with you all, and can’t wait to see how you’ll make Ara your own!

In awe,
// dan

Dan Makoski // Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP) // Google // @ProjectAra

P.S. Because my fixed, two-year term with ATAP comes to a close next week, and I’ll be starting my next adventure, please reach out to @ProjectAra for any future questions, comments or inspirations!

Source: Project Ara email

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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