Aercast Episode 6 – Skeleton Crews And Technical Difficulties


Episode 6 of the Techaeris Aercast is a bit of an anomaly… Several of our regulars couldn’t make it tonight, but we soldiered onward!  Alex, Kevin, and I set out to create an entertaining and informative podcast.  I think we succeeded, even if Alex wasn’t around for the end; some technical difficulties struck and struck hard.  One man down, Kevin and I continued ever forward.  Some of the topics discussed include:  T-Mobile’s current spat with the FTC regarding bogus charges, Project Ara, photographing fireworks, Pressy, and more!  More information is of course available for you below.

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Episode VI Recap:

  • T-Mobile could be in some hot water with the FTC over allegations of charing users bogus fees.
  • Google’s Project Ara is inching ever closer to reality
  • Transformers 4 is a decent action movie as long as you aren’t expecting it to be anything other than what it is.
  • Apple is rolling iPhoto and Aperture into a new consolidated Photos app.
  • We discuss some of our experiences with the new Android Run-Time (ART) versus the standard Dalvik run-time.
  • Kevin gives some timely hints and tips about photographing fireworks.  Look for the full article on Techaeris here!
  • The Steam summer sale is over, and all that’s left is the weeping of our collective wallets.
  • Pressy – first impressions.  I’ve gotten my hands on a Pressy, and you might be able to get your hands on one too…keep your eyes on Techaeris for more info.


Thanks again for listening!   And as always, if you have any tips, or requests please feel free to contact us.  We’re always interested in hearing from our listeners.  So until next time…Enjoy!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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