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If you’re using an Android smart phone, there is a very good chance you love customization. It’s just the way things are and is a common tie for many Android fans. Having this love and desire for customization leads to the never ending search for wallpapers. Your wallpaper has to match your phone, your screen, your icon pack, etc. There are no shortages of apps and websites for wallpapers but I wanted to spend a couple of minutes talking about Infinite Walls, an app in Google Play.

Infinite Walls is a simplistic wallpaper app with a finite number of wallpapers. It has a simple layout that is focused on the most important part: the wallpapers. There is a menu at the top of the app that lets you view all, or break wallpapers down by any of the 12 categories that they have listed. Underneath that you have a grid of wallpapers, 3 columns and as many rows as are necessary for each category. These images are thumbnails and load as you scroll down. The images are cloud hosted, which is nice because you are not using up storage for thumbnails and wallpapers you may never use. The interface is not dynamic or flashy but there is something admirable about maintaining simplicity and getting you straight to the content as fast as possible. I don’t know the exact motivation for keeping it simple, but I’ll assume the best and pat developer Infinite Designs on the back for resisting making it more complex.

infinite Walls Overview Screen

As I said above the wallpapers are finite. Right now there are over 200 wallpapers. You might be thinking that’s not enough to justify the purchase price but there are other things that need consideration. Infinite Designs is exclusively creating almost all wallpapers specifically for this app. That means that you are going to be seeing walls that are only available in this app. Additionally the developer promises to provide new walls every Saturday night and since the app uses this cloud system, that is easily accomplished without need for the app to update through the Play Store. Assuming the developer follows through on that promise (and I have no reason to believe he wouldn’t) this app will only get better and better.

As far as the wallpapers themselves go, there is a good bit of variety in the app. The focus initially was to get wallpapers that are colorful or have a focus on shadow. There are a lot of wallpapers that look nice, and some that I was not crazy about but of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I feel pretty confident that you will find walls that you like (unless you hate life or are a dog).

Overall, I think the app is nice. There are good, exclusive wallpapers in it. It stays simple, and seems to perform with no problems. The only complaint I have is that I would like for the developer to find a way to integrate with Muzei Live Wallpaper. That would be a great feature and is becoming something that I look for in apps like this, but that is not a deal breaker.

If you need any more convincing on buying an app that costs less than the honey bun that you really should not be eating but eat anyway, the developer already has plans on future updates. Some of those updates are a new dashboard to improve user experience and be more in line with Material Design and some Zooper widgets to compliment any home screen.

Infinite Walls is currently on sale for only a buck. So, what are you waiting for? Put down the honey bun and encourage this dev by buying this app.


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

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