Review: Balx Icon Pack (Android)

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balx-iconAndrea Corvi is at it again, creating yet another unique looking icon pack for your favorite Android device. This time around, we’re reviewing Balx, an interesting mix of flat icons with a touch of shadow that makes the icons spring at your eyeballs in quite a different way.

There are over 1,850 icons that have been created by Corvi, each of which is ready for QHD displays like that of the LG G3. Indeed, they look simply amazing, and are some of the sharpest icons I’ve ever seen. As far as compatibility goes, the Balx icon pack works with the following custom launchers: Nova, Apex, ADW, Holo, ActionPro, Trebuchet, Go Launcher, Smart Launcher, Aviate, KK Launcher, and more.

Additional features include 56 beautiful cloud-based wallpapers that jive nicely with the Balx icons, 16 additional dock themes for Nova Launcher users, Muzei Live Wallpaper support, a simple-to-navigate dashboard app with a search function (which I love!), and a dynamic calendar for the stock Android calender and premium calendar app Today.

There are some really gorgeous designs in Balx. The Google+ Photos icon looks like a pinwheel that could just as easily start spinning as sit on the screen. The Falcon Pro icon is brilliantly designed, featuring a unique take on the Falcon Pro logo against a sky blue background. The Sunrise Calendar icon is stunningly bright with a background that fades from red to pinky-purple like the sunrise or sunset themselves. Corvi uses well-placed shadows and bright colors to make his icons really pop, especially against dark wallpapers. Normally, I’m not a huge fan of shadowing on icons, since I prefer flatter UI designs. However, these icons look great with the shadowing and it doesn’t feel too overdone.

If you’re looking to mix up the style of your Android with something fresh and gorgeous, you can grab Balx for $1.89 USD from the Google Play Store.

Don’t forget to leave Corvi a review on Balx if you enjoy the icon pack!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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