Destiny: Watch A Level 29 Titan Drop The Hammer Down!

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IGN just released some exclusive gameplay video with Bungie regarding their upcoming game Destiny.  Over the past couple of weeks, Destiny has been in Beta testing mode for all the various platforms (Xbox 360 & One, PS3 and PS4) and the final results of just how successful the Beta was remains to be seen (for me it was a wild success). One of the aspects (frustrations) that users (including myself) noted was that the level cap was set at 8.

It had been explained that the level cap would likely be 20 at full release but this video today shows what a level 29 Titan is capable of. Let me tell you….it’s quite awesome.

“You Want Me To Drop The Fists of Havoc?” via

In the video Ryan McCaffrey of IGN is with Bungie developer Sage Merrill as he plays around in “God Mode” and shows off the power moves of a level 29 Titan spec’d guardian. In beta, we were only given a slight glimpse into the power of this type with Fists of Havoc (Thor’s Hammer Drop as I like to call it) and the Storm Fist but here we see the Shoulder thrust in two variations: Knee to the face and fist to the face. We also see the Fists of Havoc (Thor Drop…can’t help myself) now with a thrust variant which is very “Superman”/”Thor”-esque and is absolutely devastating looking.

Red Death
“Known to be a Guardian Killer” (via

Of note is the fact that they show a character at level 29 whereas we thought 20 was the cap. Also included was a glimpse of “Exotic” armor which opens up insane boosts to your character. We see some custom rifle design and massive upgrades as well with Merrill’s “Red Death” gun which featured insane fast reloading and a killer regeneration of health effect.

Bottom line is that Destiny in Beta truly only just scratched the surface of what is coming when the game is wide released on 9 Sept 2014.   Exotic

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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