Marvel’s Bob Sabouni Talks Comics And Digital Delivery


There is very little doubt that we are heading towards a digital world in almost every sense. Newspapers and magazines have become less and less noticeable, instead replaced by phones and tablets. The same thing is happening with comics, though I suspect there might be a bit more push back from hardcore fans who still love the feel of print in their hands. Marvel’s EVP of worldwide marketing, Bob Sabouni, spoke to Samsung Mobile about the future of Gadgets and Comics.
Here’s a bit of what he had to say.

“We see digital comics as a big part of the future of the medium,” Sabouni says. “While print will always be an essential element to the industry and fans, more and more readers are realizing the unbelievable experience that digital comics can offer both from a reading and selection perspective. With Marvel Unlimited, Samsung users get access to an amazing digital historic archive of Marvel comics that can be accessed anywhere,” notes Sabouni. “Imagine being able to take your entire collection with you wherever you are.”

Personally, I haven’t purchased a comic since the very early 2000’s, but the digital format is starting to intrigue me more and more. I’ve installed a few comic apps on my iPad to test the waters of reading comics once again, but I haven’t really committed to any one just yet. Perhaps the digital age will bring those readers who have left the worlds of comic books back into the fold and attract a whole new set of followers.

Whatever happens, comics will live on, be it in print or on a server someplace in New Mexico. What do you think? Do you like digital comics? Or would you rather have that comic between your fingers? Let us know on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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