FMV Classic Night Trap Attempting A Comeback On Kickstarter, Features More Pixels And Less Senate Investigations


The original creators behind Night Trap, a 1992 full motion video game (FMV) released for the SEGA CD, are attempting a remake of the classic game via Kickstarter titled Night Trap ReVamped.

Co-creators James Riley and Rob Fulop stated in a Kickstarter video that their goal is to release the game as it was originally intended, for an audience they feel is more aware and will be more receptive of the game that once was considered so violent and terrifying that it prompted several Senate investigations.  It was called everything from “a sick and disgusting video game” to child abuse. The results of which were the game being pulled from stores shelves such as Toys ‘R Us by 1993.

sdfsfsdfr23t23t23t3Now that the team is not limited by the lack of power in early-90’s consoles they are free to use the original 33mm footage that they recorded back in 1987 when the game was first created for Hasbro’s failed NEMO console. Night Trap fans can finally witness the infamous (and tame by today’s standards) shower scene in all it’s comically non-violent and high definition glory.

Backer tiers are the standard fare of $20 to secure a copy of the game with the various higher amounts giving your more behind-the-scenes access as well as being listed as the executive producer if you’re crazy enough to donate $10,000 to the project. For the hardcore Night Trap fan that does not have ten grand to pour into a 23-year-old remake, there is also the $500 tier which grants a boatload of additional content including four copies of the game, a CD of the theme song, a set of production stills, and an essay by Tom Zito detailing the creation of the game, among other.

Twenty-nine days remain until the project must reach it’s $330,000 goal where Night Trap ReVamped will then be created for Xbox, PlayStation, Mac, and PC.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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