Never Heard Of These Guys? No Problem, Marvel Studios Proceeds With The INHUMANS

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In light of the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel apparently feels like they are safe to take more risks with the lesser known side of the Marvel universe. Marvel has apparently seen a script featuring their INHUMANS franchise and they are pleased. If you think you’ve heard of them, you may just wll have – in recent weeks Vin Diesel has been dropping hints (as he loves to do) on his Facebook page at his interest in playing the essentially mute king character Black Bolt.

Inhumans 4
Inhumans (courtesy

Details surfaced today that Joe Robert Cole has indeed finished a screenplay and that Marvel is quite pleased with it, according to Matt Goldberg with Collider. Cole is one of Marvel’s secret weapons, much in the same vein as the brilliant Nicole Perlman who is enjoying a moment of success after having helped write Guardians of the Galaxy for the studio. Basically, Cole has written an acceptable screenplay that Marvel will now shop around for a director to attach it to who will then fill in some director-dictated details that will become the final product. In other words, the process is just starting for INHUMANS but could be a late Phase III or even early Phase IV project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Inhumans 2
Blackagar Boltagon, King of the Inhumans (courtesy

And just who are these guys? The word “Kree” is now becoming more well known with the introduction of the cosmic side of Marvel. With the INHUMANS, the Kree used “Terrigen Mists” to experiment on humanity with sometimes disastrous results. On occasion however the process would produce a superhuman. The INHUMANS are a collective team of these superhumans led by Blackagar Boltagon, or Black Bolt, who has a voice ability that can level mountains – rendering him essentially mute as not to destroy everything.

Now if you want some really wild speculation here, Season 1 of “Marvel’s Agents of Shield” may or may not tie into some of these Kree experiments but that will have to be for another op/ed spoilery story. (I’m trying hard not to spoil MAOS here cause it’s worth seeing).

Can Vin pull off the strong silent type ? (courtesy

Meanwhile, Vin Diesel has thrown his hat in the ring for Black Bolt, but officially there are no actors or directors tied to this project just yet. We’ll keep an eye out for news in the future and keep you posted.

Do you guys think these obscure properties can carry that same level of success that GotG is enjoying right now?

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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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