TouchID And iOS8, A Match Made In Heaven


With iOS 8’s expected release right around the corner several app developers have started to show off how they will be making the most of the new features and options that the new OS will open up. In some cases these are basic options to simply share your data between applications with far less friction than before. However, some applications are showing off some truly exciting new features coming to an Apple device soon.

The one that has caught my attention is iOS and TouchID.


TouchID received a lot of initial criticism when it first came out. Heck, I though it was a cheap gimmick and a bit of a security risk. However, as soon as I started to use it I realised just what a great feature it really was. The security of having a locked device yet the simplicity of simply resting your finger or thumb on the small ring to unlock the device was delightful.

It was certainly a much better implementation than a swiping gesture and after using it for a while I couldn’t wait for Apple to open up the TouchID API so that more applications could take advantage of it.

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1Password was a similar application where the idea of keeping all my passwords in one place seemed strange until I started using it.  The ability to quickly create super secure and hard to crack passwords which were easy to access was great. The only issue on iOS was the passwords were locked within the app. Sure you could use the in app browser and you could copy and paste each item but it wasn’t seamless.

Coming soon

That issue is soon to change as Agilebits, the makers of 1Password have announced that the next (FREE) update to the app will include an extension so that other applications can request your password information from 1Password AND TouchID support, meaning you will be able to quickly enter your passwords on a webpage or app just by pressing your thumb upon the screen.

I’m really looking forward to this feature coming to my Apple device and I can easily imagine it coming to some Android devices soon as well (especially Samsung devices with fingerprint scanners). Sure it won’t quite be the same with a swiping fingerprint scanner but it’s better than nothing.

Would you use a feature like this on your Phone? Why/Why not?  Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

Featured image courtesy of 9to5 Mac.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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