Appetizers: Week 4 of the Staff’s Favorite Apps!


Welcome to Week 4 of Appetizers! This regular installment of delicious mobile applications will showcase some of the staff’s favorites each week.

Jason Bouwmeester, Editor

Untappd – Android & iOS

I’ve been known to enjoy an “occasional” beer, and Untappd is a great little app that allows you to rate, track, and find different beers. As a fan of craft brew, and I’ve tried a few different ones, Untappd is the perfect app to help remember what I’ve had and whether or not I’ve liked it. If you’re a beer aficionado, I recommend you check out (and join me) on Untappd!

Untappd History screenshot.




Justin Jelinek, Senior Editor

Kairobotica – Android & iOS

I play a lot of Kairosoft games…they’re fun, and are generally deep enough to hold your attention through multiple playthroughs. Kairobotica puts you on a spaceship, in charge of a squad of Kairosoft mascots (the Kairobot) travelling the universe, fighting enemies that pop up while helping the inhabitants of the various planets evolve and grow. You strenghten your Kairobots, find other special Kairobots to help you fight, and make the galaxy safer for everybody.

Kairobotica by Kairosoft.
Kairobotica by Kairosoft.



Christopher Wieninger, Associate Editor

Dumb Ways to Die – Android & iOS

Dumb Ways to Die is an app chock full of 15 mini games about avoiding silly ways to die. It’s sponsored by Metro Trains of Australia in an effort to promote rail safety, and is both a lot of fun and a solemn reminder that it’s easy to forget to be safe around trains.

Dumb Ways to Die screenshot.



So, what are some of your favorite apps? Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter! Be sure to check out next week’s Appetizers!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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