Battle for Bond: Lana Del Rey and Sam Smith Are Spied To Sing Bond 24’sTheme


The last Bond film, SkyfallI, was not only one of the most successful of the Bond films over it’s 50 year run but also one of only a couple in the series that garnered Oscar nominations for it’s theme song. Adele of course made the song “Skyfall” a hit on the charts but also won for “Best Original Song” at the Academy Awards. So with Bond #24 set to come out next year, the very important honor of who will be singing the next theme is apparently already becoming a hot contest. In the running apparently are Lana Del Rey and Sam Smith. Lana Del Rey already has some soundtrack success with “Young and Beautiful” that she did for the “Great Gatsby” soundtrack and Sam Smith is currently blowing the charts away in the U.S. and the U.K. with his hit “Stay with Me” and providing vocals on “Latch”. Nothing is confirmed though and Smith is even debunking the rumor at this point but it’s safe to say that in the wake of “Skyfall” that producers are going to have to make this follow up a big deal.

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So until we get more solid footing on the story, it’s a great chance for us to sit around and do a Top 5 All Time Best Bond Songs list!!!!!!!

Mine are:

#5) “A View To A Kill” – Duran Duran, used in A View To  A Kill

In what essentially was an 80’s update of the plot used in Goldfinger, Duran Duran was tapped to do this ultimate 80’s Bond song. The film was Roger Moore’s last before handing off his Walther PPK to Timothy Dalton. The video features fluorescent body paint and blacklighted visuals. This thing just needs a headband, some leg warmers, and some Mary Lou Retton to put this thing into 80’s legend. The film had Tanya Roberts and Grace Jones in it for crying out loud. Oh….and Christopher Walken as the villain and how can that be topped really.

#4) “Theme from Dr. No”, James Barry Orchestra, used in Dr. No (and beyond)

The quintessential music of all James Bond movies has to be this bit from John Barry composed by Monty Norman in the 60’s. Surf rock was a huge craze at the time and this reflects that in it’s guitar riff. The music is essential in every Bond movie and it’s even been used in spirit in some of the themes like Sheryl Crow’s “Tomorrow Never Dies” which has a bar or two of it blended in.  You can’t have a Bond movie now without it. The first ringtone I ever downloaded onto a phone was indeed this very song.

#3) “Live and Let Die”, Paul McCartney and Wings, used in The Man with the Golden Gun

Jane Seymour (img via pinterest)
Jane Seymour (img via pinterest)

Roger Moore had tough shoes to fill when he took over as Bond after the man who originated the role – Sean Connery. On his second outing we got The Man with the Golden Gun which has to be the strangest Bond film of them all and the start of what would be the trademark for Moore’s run: a heavy dose of outlandishness and humor. Although most people disliked the treatment for it’s humor and lack of realism, it delivered us one of the best villains in Christopher Lee’s Scaramanga and one of my favorite, if not THE favorite Bond girl in Jane Seymour as Solitaire.  Did you know that Lee was a frequent golf buddy of Ian Fleming’s and even his cousin by marriage ?!?

#2) “The World is Not Enough”, Garbage, used in The World is Not Enough

Optimized-0By 1999, Pierce Brosnan himself was starting to get a little road weary from playing Bond. He had remarked that this film had such a poorly executed plot that even he didn’t get it. Add to the dislike for the film was Denise Richards’ nuclear scientist in a tank top and shorts (very believable…right?) which most say was the worst Bond girl of them all (that included Quantum of Solace). The one high note here for me was the Q-Boat chase on the Thames and Shirley Manson’s incredibly haunting vocals for the theme that some have ranked as high as number 2 in their lists as best of all time behind the bandwagon favorite of Goldfinger. (Seriously, I had no idea that was a thing before I listed it at number 2….I just really, really loved it)

#1) “Skyfall”, Adele, used in Skyfall

Optimized-AdeleIt’s no coincidence that I put “Skyfall” at number 1, it really is the number one.  Out of 23 movies and 50 years of Bond films, the latest entry sung by the amazing Adele won an Oscar (only 4 have ever even been nominated, Skyfall is the only winner) smashed the charts and is hands down the most successful (financially speaking) theme song over the run of all the Bond movies. Skyfall (the movie) is arguably one of the best realized movies of the series. It seemed to redeem Craig after the disappointing Quantum of Solace and given that the flick made 1.1 billion worldwide over its run it was inevitable that Bond 24 would spawn from it. The song was also written by Adele herself which isn’t common for a Bond theme.

So whether Sam Smith or Lana Del Rey in the end get the chance to write or perform the song, they are gonna have some work cut out for them topping that last act.

Honorable Mentions that I suggest you look up for yourself: Tomorrow Never Dies, Sheryl Crow; Thunderball, Tom Jones; and last but not least….

See, Sheryl Crow wrote a great song and it was awesome but if you notice, most of the score in that whole movie  featured a melody from a song that ended up being used as a closing song for the credits. This song in and of itself  though was an awesome Bond song. Barbara Broccoli chose Crow’s instead so it isn’t a theme song.  With that being said, it is the song most used in score and for the closing, K.D. Lang’s “Surrender”.

Bond 24 remains untitled but is looking to be released in 2015 (along with damn near every other awesome freaking movie coming soon apparently).

What are your best and worst Bond theme songs? Be sure to comment below or hit me up on Google Plus or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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