Tesla Motors Expanding Operations In China

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The future of the electric vehicle hasn’t really been set in stone yet. The technology is still growing and maturing day in and day out – but don’t tell that to Tesla. They’re forging ahead with their brand of electric vehicle technology and are rapidly becoming a leading force in the market. Today they’ve expanded their operations in China where they plan on building 400 charging stations in over 120 cities and 20 supercharging stations at China Unicom outlets.

“We have been working with China Unicom already — China Unicom is our in-car 3G connectivity service provider of Tesla — so we are deepening our cooperation with them,” Jarvis-Shean noted.

The news of Tesla’s expansion in China drove stock prices up a bit and the company obviously believes it’s doing well in the Chinese market as they already had over 200 charging stations and 13 supercharging stations in place.

“Model S is off to a very encouraging start in China, especially considering that we are delivering cars only in the areas around Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and recently Hangzhou, where we can assure customers of service coverage,” Musk and Chief Financial Officer Deepak Ahuja wrote to shareholders in a July letter detailing earnings.

Tesla is certainly gambling a lot on its technology and is pushing to prove that their cars are a solution that needs to be taken seriously. While we love the Model S, there are a myriad of reasons why some may not be willing to consider a Tesla purchase. Musk and company have a battle plan and hopefully that includes satisfying the number of needs that exist that they can’t fill at the moment.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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