Netflix Buys Gotham Rights Weeks Before TV Premiere

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Fox’s new drama series, Gotham, is set to air September 22nd and Netflix is so excited about the series they have already purchased the rights to be the exclusive subscription video on demand (SVOD) provider.

The TV series prequel to Batman, Gotham is reportedly costing Netflix about $1.75 million per episode, just slightly under the record $2 million per episode from a SVOD for The Blacklist and slightly over The Walking Dead‘s next highest price tag of $1.35 million per episode. Each season will be available to Netflix customers after the broadcast run, which is expected to be September of 2015 for the US.

gotham-netflixThe deal struck between Warnor Bros. and Netflix reportedly took place after a successful pilot screening in Los Angeles sometime in May. Netflix has been continually getting more aggressive with nailing down exclusive re-broadcasting rights not only scoring exclusive rights to Gotham, but also getting far more lucrative multi-territory rights, rather than doing a deal country-by-country.

Gotham is an interesting gamble as it hasn’t even aired yet and doesn’t even have Batman in it – the story revolves around James Gordon and the city itself in what seems to be a cop-drama with comic book flare. There promises to be ample opportunity for a host of cameos from people that turn into Batman’s favorite foes and the two stars – Ben McKenzie, who will play Detective Gordon, and Donal Logue, who takes the part of Detective Harvey Bullock, Gordon’s work-enemy – will have a relatively unknown cast behind them to prove themselves.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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