Dish Network In Talks To Buy T-Mobile?

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Reuters reports via Bloomberg that Dish Network chairman Charlie Ergen has contacted Deutsche Telekom AG inquiring about a possible purchase of T-Mobile. Bloomberg only cites sources “familiar with the matter” and that’s as vague as it gets. It seems everyone wants to buy T-Mobile and have simply failed to close the deal. AT&T was hoping to scoop them up but that deal fell through and then there was the Sprint attempt which also failed miserably.

Both due to regulatory red tape. It seems T-Mobile just doesn’t want to be bought out and I am sure CEO John Legere is happy keeping his company just as is.

Ergen has not made a formal offer or hired any bank to advise it on the potential deal, the report said.

Dish has told Deutsche Telekom, which owns about two-thirds of T-Mobile, that it may be interested in a deal after a November auction for wireless airwaves is completed, the report added. (

Deutsche Telekom views potential offers valuing T-Mobile at $35 a share as being substantially too low, Reuters reported last week, countering a Bloomberg report.

So Dish Network is jumping in the ring for this round, do they have the stamina to make it to the end? One advantage they have is they’re not an existing Telecom which means they should have a better chance of getting through the regulatory red tape. We’ll keep our eyes open for more on this and keep you up to date. Let us know in the comments below what you think of Dish’s possible interest in T-Mobile.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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