Apple Inc.’s New Dynamic Duo, Jony Ive And Marc Newson


Apple has long been praised for their simple hardware design and intuitive user interfaces. Whether you agree or disagree, there’s no denying that Jony Ive has played an integral role in that design. Now Apple Inc. has bolstered up the design team by adding legendary designer Marc Newson to its design team. Newson has designed a number of things including spacecraft, cars, furniture and watches. That’s right, watches.

This new hire is a bit intriguing given that we are expecting an iWatch to be announced on Tuesday, September 9th.

Newson will remain in the UK where he will take on the role of senior vice president of design under Jony Ive, who leads industrial design as well as Apple’s so-called “Human Interface” software teams. The news was reported by Vanity Fair earlier Friday.

This may very well explain why we haven’t seen an iWatch leak in the press. Could Marc Newson have been working on the iWatch design for Apple in secret? Keeping secrets in this industry is increasingly harder, but this would make sense. Who would go looking for an Apple design or hardware leak where Apple isn’t? Newson is long time friends with Jony Ive and it seems they’re ready to perhaps take Apple into a new design era. Newson’s most famous work is his Lockheed Lounge Chair which he built with his bare hands in 1986.


Perhaps Apple is finally feeling the real pressure Android and other mobile hardware makers are putting on them. Perhaps they are in the midst of turning over a new leaf in design innovation. With their recent public relations issues and the stock dropping ahead of the big September 9th announcement, they needed something to give them a little boost. I’m sure with this announcement, excitement over the iWatch is sure to increase. But let’s remember, good hardware design doesn’t always mean a good software and user experience. Let’s see what Apple brings in its wearable next week.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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