Targeted Apple Inc. Leaks Help Sway Public Perception


Warning: Editorial ahead….

Apple Inc. stock has been in flux over the past week but is on the up-tick at the time of this writing. The security of iCloud has been seriously questioned and even Apple Inc. is rolling out new security measures for users. Even Hollywood actors are calling out Apple’s iCloud service on Twitter. Yet, you’re going to find the buzz is on the iPhone, iWatch and the rumor of NFC mobile payments in both. But what happened? Why the sudden disinterest in Jennifer Lawrence or the price of Apple Inc. stock? Targeted leaks.

I’m jumping out on a limb here and might get a comment or two challenging the content of this editorial, but it is an opinion piece and that’s to be expected. So what better way to get the public’s mind back on track and back on your playing field than to throw them a bone. We’ve even printed some of those bones here on Techaeris, such as the latest iPhone 6-leaked pictures and even a video showing a working iPhone 6 with Touch ID, the hiring of  Marc Newson to help Jony Ive in the design department which gives support to the iWatch being real, and Walgreens and CVS being the first to take iPhone 6 mobile payments in their stores (even though Android’s Google Wallet has done this for years). The leaks have been coming in pretty hot and heavy this weekend ahead of the official September 9th Apple announcement.

Could this be by design? Apple’s public relations team is one of the best out there, and with the muck and mire they were caught up in the past week, something had to be done. So why not throw out some pics and videos? Let’s re-focus the public’s attention on the game ball (Apple’s game ball that is). There’s a lot riding on the iPhone 6 and the rumored iWatch. Apple needs the buzz to be around their upcoming products, and that’s what it’s all about…the buzz. Apple has traditionally been able to create a buzz around their new launches, and constant news of security breaches and bad stock prices are certain to be a thorn in their side.

Apple’s goal is not unlike a goal my wife and I had this weekend. Our 5-year-old daughter is turning 6 this weekend, and she was so in love with the movie and characters of Frozen. So we’ve been buying Frozen dolls and other Frozen sundries for the past few months so she could have her favorites with her all the time. So now we’ve come to the weekend of her birthday and realized, she doesn’t like Frozen much anymore. What are we going to do? We have a small load of Frozen stuff and a kid who never watches it anymore. Lightbulb moment! Let’s BINGE on Frozen. So we let her and the kids watch Frozen one night and really talked up the movie and interacted with it and them to build excitement. The next morning we gave her an Elsa dress that she could wear to her party and proceeded to watch Frozen again. At this point her eyes are bright and her world is Frozen-filled! She’s loving it once again! Our plan has worked! HAHA!

And that’s exactly what Apple is doing to us. Re-directing and re-focusing the public perception. Because we forget things pretty easily. SQUIRREL!!!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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